Credit & Identity FAQ

Can you identify with one of the following dilemmas?

“My printer isn’t working / I don’t have a printer. What do I do?”
Tip: You can go to Fedex Office Print & Ship Center where you can rent a computer work station and print documents.

Fedex Office has many such locations. I don’t have any type of pecuniary relationship with Fedex Office; I just find them to be convenient when I’m traveling and need to print something. You can find Fedex Office (formerly known as Kinkos) locations here: http://www.fedex.com/locate/index.html?locale=en_US#

How to find Fedex Office so you can print documents

And when you go to that link, filter your search results by clicking “more” and then selecting “Copy and print services.” See:

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“But what if I have a LOT of documents, and it is too expensive to print them all?”

I understand. You can email them to me as PDF files! I have instructions on how to do that here: http://seattlefaircredit.com/how-to-email-documents-as-pdf-files/