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Beware of Credit Repair Scams…Be Patient

So you want a house, and you’re worried about your credit. Occasionally I get calls from well-meaning people who want “credit repair” services. Usually it is someone who has bad credit of their own doing, who has decided to finally get their act together so they can buy a house. Maybe the family is growing […]

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Equifax Data Breach — Oppose HR 2359

With Co-Author, Attorney Dave Maxfield Are you concerned about the Equifax data breach? You should be, as it potentially affects 143 million Americans — that’s half the country! Today I have a co-author for this post, my friend and colleague Dave Maxfield from South Carolina. He also has a law practice dedicated to representing consumers. […]

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Why Relief from the Ripoff Clause is for You

In the midst of Antarctica’s ice shelf breaking off headlong into the ocean, emails with Russia, and Aaron Judge’s 513-foot home run, you’d have to be a complete wonk to fully absorb the news this week about forced arbitration. Please pull yourself away for a moment to learn about the Ripoff Clause, and why everyone […]

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The “Least Sophisticated Consumer” is Everyone

The “least sophisticated consumer” standard in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from debt collectors’ efforts to mislead and deceive you — whether you are gullible or shrewd. Clomon v. Jackson, 988 F. 2d 1314, 1318 (2nd Cir.1993). As I see it, this term is not meant to insult you intelligent, educated, street-wise […]

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Don’t take the errors on your credit report to credit repair

I am a Seattle lawyer who represents individuals who have legal claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the federal law that gives consumers the right to sue the credit reporting agencies (aka “bureaus”) and creditors when those companies fail to follow proper procedures and people wind up with false information on their credit reports. […]

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