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Is Equifax, Experian or Trans Union Reporting False Information On your Credit Report?

If you have good credit and the problems with your credit report are truly not your fault, you don’t need “credit repair” — you either need to dispute the errors yourself, or you need a lawyer intimately familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Are you overwhelmed by one of the following consumer problems?

Data Breach or identity theft

Perhaps you were a victim of a data breach or identity theft. It left a mess on your credit report, and you're fed up with trying to fix it on your own.

Strange Info On Your Credit Report

Maybe you tried to buy a house or a car and you found that your credit report is littered with other people’s accounts, someone else’s name, or someone else’s social security number.

False Foreclosures

Perhaps you're being threatened with foreclosure on a house you no longer own, because some debt collector got a hold of an old promissory note you signed many years ago when you did a short sale. They're reporting this debt like you're in "foreclosure" now, and it's scary and infuriating.


Perhaps there is debt on your credit report that is not yours. It’s killing your credit.

Unsuccessful Credit Report Disputes

Maybe you’ve disputed false credit info with the big three credit reporting agencies online, by phone, or via certified mail multiple times, but the false information is still there. Maybe you went to a so-called “credit repair” business to help you — but they made it worse by disputing things they shouldn't have.

Don't Wait! Stand Up For Your Rights Now...

If you find yourself a victim of false credit reporting or accused of a debt you do not owe, you need a lawyer with a deep knowledge base in consumer protection laws who is well known and respected in the field.

You have worked hard for your good credit and good name, and you’re here because some reckless or shady company is trying to take all of that away with one stroke of a keyboard. You’ve never thought of yourself as a litigious person, and might not have expected to come to a lawyer’s website when you searched for answers online. But what some credit reporting agency, debt collector or other corporation is doing to you is absolutely wrong, and shouldn’t happen to anybody. If you are fed up with being treated like a number, and are willing to hold them accountable, contact me.